Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

Bringing Food to Life

The quick service restaurant space is currently undergoing a rapid transformation. We offer the ability to stay on trend by using live moving content and high resolution, high dynamic images to promote your menu.

Feature 1

  1. Superior brightness of screens to suit your chosen screen environment
  2. Wide-angle IPS viewing 178° angle
  3. QWP enables clear visibility when wearing polarized glasses.
  4. IP56 rated to protect against water, sun, rain, snow, dust and wind.
  5. Ik10 Protective Glass
  6. Remote monitoring solution to make adjustments and control the unit remotely in real-time.

Feature 2

Fleetmark can customise a steel fabricated enclosure to suit the screen, environment, colour and design to maximise the impact of your brand.

Feature 3

Fleetmark use our own national network of installers and electricians to deliver consistency, attention to detail and adherence to Australian Electrical Standards.

Feature 4

We have the ability to remotely monitor your installed digital hardware no matter where the location might be. This provides maximum up time of your displays to deliver the best possible Return On Your Investment.

Feature 5

A Management Information System that allows us to document all of your assets, manage SLA’s and Ticketing responses.

Feature 6

Access to key suppliers covering hardware, software and servicing.