Pie Face QSR Digital

United Petroleums recently expanded its service station offerings by acquiring and integrating the renowned Pie Face brand. Pie Face takes pride in serving customers an extensive menu of fresh and delicious food that’s as convenient as it is satisfying. From award-winning pies baked fresh daily to an array of muffins, donuts, and artisan roasted coffee, Pie Face is the go-to destination for a quick break or a hearty meal.

In collaboration with Pie Face, Fleetmark was selected as their trusted partner to provide premium IP 56 rated LGE 49-inch custom drive-thru and internal screens. The goal was to enhance the customer experience and streamline operations at Pie Face’s first-ever drive-thru restaurant located within United Petroleum service stations.

  • Ensuring seamless integration of digital screens with Pie Face’s brand aesthetic and operational requirements.
  • Providing screens that could withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Delivering a solution that aligns with Pie Face’s commitment to serving high-quality, fresh food in a convenient manner.

Fleetmark collaborated closely with Pie Face to understand their specific needs and preferences. Leveraging our expertise in digital signage solutions, we provided premium IP 56 rated LGE 49-inch custom drive-thru and internal screens. These screens were carefully selected for their durability, high resolution, and reliability, ensuring optimal performance in all weather conditions.

The installation of digital screens at Pie Face’s drive-thru restaurant has significantly enhanced the customer experience. Customers can now easily view menu items, promotions, and order information, leading to faster service and increased customer satisfaction. The screens seamlessly blend with Pie Face’s brand aesthetic, creating a modern and inviting atmosphere for patrons.

Fleetmark is proud to have partnered with Pie Face in delivering innovative digital signage solutions that enhance their drive-thru restaurant experience. By providing premium quality screens and exceptional service, we have helped Pie Face continue to delight customers with their delicious offerings in a convenient and engaging way.

At Pie Face, whether it’s an award-winning pie, a baked treat, or a barista coffee, customers can always expect a deliciously convenient experience.

Link; https://pieface.com.au/