Woolworths Transport Signage

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A 20-Year Partnership with Woolworths: Delivering Distinctive Fleet Branding

For over two decades, Fleetmark has been a trusted partner of Woolworths, collaborating on the dynamic branding of their extensive fleet. The iconic green billboards that adorn each Woolworths vehicle are not just advertising; they are highly valued assets in the nationwide delivery of food. At Fleetmark, we take pride in our enduring relationship with Woolworths, contributing to the visual identity of their fleet as it crisscrosses Australia.

By working closely with Woolworths, we ensure that every project aligns seamlessly with their vision and is executed with precision. From digital printed vans to curtainsiders, the diversity of jobs reflects the dynamic nature of our partnership, where each vehicle becomes a mobile canvas for conveying Woolworths’ brand message.

Fleetmark’s commitment to delivering excellence is mirrored in the enduring partnership with Woolworths. As we continue to evolve with the latest industry trends, we remain dedicated to maintaining the visual integrity and impact of Woolworths’ fleet branding, ensuring it stands out on every road it travels.