Team Global Express Transport Signage


Transforming Identities: Fleetmark’s Role in Team Global Express Rebrand

In September 2021, Allegro, a private equity company, acquired Toll Global Express from Japan Post. Recently, Fleetmark secured the significant responsibility of rebranding thousands of assets into the new Team Global Express branding. Our selection for this task is a testament to Fleetmark’s strong reputation, extensive company-owned network, and infrastructure across Australia—essential elements for delivering such comprehensive outcomes.

Collaborating closely with the team lead branding and Fleet Manager, Fleetmark is at the forefront of one of the most extensive group asset rebranding exercises in Australia.

This exciting transition signifies Team Global Express’ commitment to transforming its identity. As an integral partner in this endeavor, Fleetmark plays a key role in bringing the new brand to life.  Keep an eye out on the roads near you for the dynamic transformation heralding a new era for Team Global Express.