Sportsgirl Digital

Revolutionizing Retail Experiences: Sportsgirl at Chadstone Shopping Centre

In collaboration with Sportsgirl, Fleetmark embarked on an extraordinary journey to redefine retail at the Chadstone Shopping Centre. The Sportsgirl store engaged Fleetmark to craft a store frontage that transcended expectations. The result? Australia’s largest video wall, featuring an impressive array of 36 ultra-slim-bezel 55″ HD screens, seamlessly creating a visual spectacle.

The Chadstone store’s video wall mirrors the essence of Sportsgirl—innovative, vibrant, and representing a judgment-free community. Just as Sportsgirl embraces life’s ups and downs, Fleetmark’s creation mirrors transparency, showcasing the brand’s commitment to being real and evolving with its audience.

This collaboration goes beyond retail; it’s a testament to the power of positivity, hope, and kindness—the driving force behind Generation Sportsgirl. Fleetmark is honored to champion this vibrant community, every step of the way, shaping not just a store frontage but a transformative experience for the Sportsgirl community.

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