Opal Transport Signage

Revitalizing Identity: Fleetmark’s Integral Role in Opal’s 2021 Rebrand

In a strategic collaboration that underscores Fleetmark’s commitment to transformative branding, we are proud to showcase our involvement in Opal’s monumental rebranding journey. Opal’s evolution from Orora in 2021 stands as one of our recent national rebranding partnerships, marking a milestone in our portfolio.

The crux of this partnership lay in the comprehensive rebranding of Opal’s fleet—a mobile representation of their innovation and solutions-driven ethos in the paper and packaging sector. Our engagement encompassed a meticulous fleet audit, precise manufacturing processes, and seamless installations conducted within our state-of-the-art facilities spanning across Australia. This undertaking was not just a visual transformation; it was a collaborative effort, requiring coordination with multiple stakeholders not only within Australia but also extending to New Zealand.

At Fleetmark, our pride lies in being an integral part of Opal’s rebranding narrative. We are more than facilitators of visual change; we are partners in amplifying Opal’s evolving identity. As Opal continues to lead the way in the paper and packaging sector, Fleetmark remains a steadfast collaborator, dedicated to realizing and showcasing their refreshed and vibrant brand.