Metro Train Signage

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Revolutionizing Victoria’s Transit Landscape: Fleetmark’s Collaboration with Metro

In a monumental branding project, Fleetmark collaborated closely with Metro to supply and install distinctive branding across their extensive fleet of trains in Victoria. The initial objective was to execute a comprehensive rebranding initiative, transitioning over 1000 trains from Connex to Metro across the entire network.

Metro, as the city’s metropolitan rail service, is a key player in Victoria’s transit scene, operating 226 six-carriage trains covering 998 kilometers of track. This massive network facilitates the daily transportation of 450,000 customers, aiming to encourage the vibrant and ever-evolving lifestyles of the Melbourne community by providing a seamless transport solution that keeps individuals connected.

Fleetmark’s collaboration with Metro in this extensive rebranding project signifies our commitment to transforming the visual identity of Victoria’s transit landscape. As we worked hand in hand to achieve the transition from Connex to Metro, we played a crucial role in Metro’s mission to seamlessly connect individuals across the city.