Bunnings Digital Signage

At Fleetmark, we take pride in our longstanding partnership with Bunnings, having supplied and installed their static commercial signage for numerous projects over the years. When Bunnings embarked on the development of their innovative Design Centre located in Mentone, they turned to Fleetmark to provide a tailored solution.

The Bunnings Design Centre introduces a unique concept where customers can explore and select various fixture and fitting elements for their bathroom, kitchen, or other home areas. Understanding the importance of creating an immersive and interactive environment for customers, Fleetmark collaborated with Samsung to deliver a cutting-edge solution.

For this project, Fleetmark selected the Samsung 43″ QMR-T series display, renowned for its Ultra High Definition picture quality and responsive capacitive touch functionality. This state-of-the-art display not only ensures stunning visuals but also offers an engaging user experience, allowing customers to interact seamlessly with the Design Centre’s offerings.

By leveraging our expertise in signage solutions and partnering with industry leaders like Samsung, Fleetmark successfully delivered a solution that aligns with Bunnings’ vision for their Design Centre, providing customers with an unparalleled experience in selecting their ideal home fixtures and fittings.