Transformative Impact: Blackmores Water Tank Branding by Fleetmark

Blackmores, inspired by the success of Fleetmark’s striking DULUX water tank branding in Merrifield, sought our expertise for a similar transformation. Navigating through council approvals and intricate artwork designs, Fleetmark seamlessly executed the full wrap of Blackmores’ water tanks.

The impact was immediate and positive, as noted by employees and clients visiting the site. The vibrant infusion of color and the iconic Blackmores consumer branding significantly enhanced the streetscape, creating a visually appealing environment.

Acknowledging the success of this project, both Lance Singleton (Fleetmark Business Development Manager) and our dedicated Production team, responsible for the meticulous installation, believe it sets a remarkable precedent. Beyond the immediate visual enhancement, the Blackmores water tank branding opens doors for Tank Fabricators, providing a unique point of difference and untapped opportunities in the industry. This success underscores Fleetmark’s commitment to delivering distinctive and impactful branding solutions for our clients.