Loose Sleeve Curtains

Loose Sleeve curtains are Fleetmark’s basic curtain system, they provide durability and adaquate weather protection for goods. Fleetmark have since superceeded this technology with our welded webbing curtain design, however to meet customer requirements, we are still capable of producing this curtain.  Visit our gallery to see our Welded Webbing customers

Loose Sleeve curtains

Features Benefits
Proven & tested design Basic weather protection for your goods.
900gsm Polymar 8556 PVC side curtain fabric. This specialised material delivers a premium quality, durability and warranty.
The curtain surface can be digitally printed and or painted Offers greater flexibility for branding in your preferred style
Double bearing, eziglide rollers are supplied as standard Allows for easy operation and assists in the reduction of OH&S incidents
High quality Stainless Steel buckles Reliability and ease of operation
Customised manufacture Curtains are designed to be suitable for most new or existing truck bodies or trailers.

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