KFC Digital

Fleetmark has further evolved its relationship with KFC. Over the last 7 years Fleetmark has work with the KFC franchise owners to deliver internal graphic solutions. Most recently Fleetmark has been given the opportunity with KFC to deliver a digital screen solution for their outdoor Drive Thru menu boards. The first of our installations was completed in December 2019.

Fleetmark chose to partner with LG Electronics to deliver a state of the art outdoor digital drive thru solution. Coupled with a specially designed steel casing and purpose built for the IP56 rated, ultra-bright (4000nit) screen, we have been able to deliver a robust product to withstand the extreme Australian temperatures. Not only is the screen stylishly presented but it has been built with commercial viability in mind.

Each of the three screens is synced with one another to provide a seamless display, high resolution picture and a level of brightness that is automatically adjusted to day and night display. The screen has inbuilt timers, to assist with energy consumption savings, and ensure the screens only operate during store opening hours. KFC are able to control and deliver their bespoke menu and marketing material through a cloud based content management system. The content is easily updated in real time and in accordance with the individual store requirements.

Each screen is remotely monitored to ensure any issues are pinpointed and the appropriate corrective actions are performed quickly in order to prevent downtime and maximise the return on investment.

The first store to introduce the FM brand is located on Greens Rd Dandenong South.

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