Computer Cut Vinyl

The Fleetmark Group are experts in signage and digital print branding solutions to provide the best possible option for your interior and exterior requirements.

Computer Cut Vinyl

We source our vinyl from reputable Australian suppliers which ensures a high-quality sign vinyl, which is rated for up to 10 years for outdoor use in Australia. It is UV resistant and has excellent dimensional stability, with colours that do not fade.

Since the vinyl can be supplied in many assorted colours, textures and appearances, Fleetmark’s skilled technicians can colour match to your existing company colours – to assist with your branding requirements.

Sometimes we use a combination of digitally printed and computer cut graphics on the same sign depending on the best way to provide cost effective, long life branding for our customers.

While FM installs on site to guarantee maximum product lifespan, we can produce and send the vinyl, ready to apply. We provide installation instructions so that you will be able to install the vinyl without any problems and with no prior experience needed.

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